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  • SineImage Resource Test Suite,More than you probably wanted
    SineImage Resource Test Suite,More than you probably wanted
    The main purpose of the SineImage Resource web site is to provide people with resources for making intelligent purchase decisions about digital imaging devices (digital cameras and scanners). Since The Image is The Object (tm) (that's such a...
  • Image Quality Metrics
    Image Quality Metrics
    While the final arbiter of image quality is the human viewer, efforts have been made to create objective measures of quality. This can be useful for many applications. Many objective measures of quality require the existence of a distortion...
  • Spatial frequency conversion
    Spatial frequency conversion
    The spatial frequency conversion table LW/PH LP/mm L/mm Cycles/mm Cycles/pixel LP/PH LW/PH * 1 * picture / [2 Height] / picture Height * picture / [2 Height] Vert. pixels / [2 * #] /2,0 LP/mm * [2 * picture Height] * 1 * 2,0 * 1 * pixel pit...


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