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With the introduction of high precision production equipment and efforts of R&D team, Sine Image has the alibility to customize all kinds of test charts. According to customers' requirment of specified drawings, we can make various types of film etc transmissive and reflectance test charts, iso 12233 standard test charts, color bar, distord test chart, greyscale test charts, dynamic range charts etc, to realize localization customization and reduce the costs of the company.


Short Delivery Period - 1 to 3 days for customzied test charts

Exquisite Workmanship - laser scanning technology

Excellent Material - Transmissive charts use imported film, and opitcal uniform glass with impurity-free; reflectance charts use imported photographic paper, waterproof, wear-resistant and

Strict quality control - We use precision optical instrument to check line uniformity and use X-rite density meter and spectrophotoemter to test OD and color.


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